Industry representation in Congress

When an intern over the summer suggested that he could analyze Bureau of Labor Statistics data by Congressional district, we got excited about industry insights as a percentage of the workforce. In this interactive project, users can go through each of the top-level industry segments to see their geographic distribution and also which members of […]


Map: State legislature control

As an experiment in mapping, I found Census shape files for the upper and lower legislative boundaries in all 50 states and combined them into one U.S. map. Then, using FiscalNote data, I was able to plot the representative of each district according to their party. Several states had datasets that required some finesse. Most […]


Highcharts presentation

At ONA 14 I gave a presentation on using Highcharts for non-developers and novice developers. In order to make the presentation a little more engaging I developed an online poll which plotted the results in real time. Getting attendees to take the poll prior to the session proved difficult, but it did provide a nice […]