World Migrants

Our 2014 data intern tackled migration flows with U.N. data from 1990 to 2013. The visualization of this would be complex: We had the ability to show the origin of people entering a country and the destinations of those leaving a country – all in four separate years. Our final product featured a single country […]


Typology Quiz

Providing a way for the public to relate with Pew Research Center findings is often a priority. For our political typology research, we accomplish this with a quiz. From an earlier version of this quiz, we discovered that college professors often had their students take the quiz to understand the subject more. To serve this […]


Typology Comparison

A major Pew Research Center report classified each respondent into one of eight distinct political groups. The idea behind the study was to show that “the middle” was not a solid group of voters but a diverse populous with differing views. To easily compare those views we developed a comparison tool. The tool evolved from […]


Political Polarization

The most groundbreaking research of 2014 at the Pew Research Center explored growing political polarization in the United States. In a massive phone survey they asked respondents to choose ‘which statement best represents your view’ on a series of ten questions. The same questions had been asked several times since 1994, allow us to show […]


Global Views on Morality

Another groundbreaking moment at the Pew Research Center was marked with the Global Views on Morality report. For the first time, all the findings were presented through an interactive. Since this would be the only way to access the data – and since each view was equally important – I built the interactive in a […]

Next America

Next America

The most ambitious project we tackled at the Pew Research Center was Next America. It served as an accompany piece to a book of the same name authored by our Vice President. Profiling the demographic future of America takes many factors into account, and thus the topics we covered were all over the map. We […]


LGBT Voices

In June 2013, the Pew Research Center released the first in depth survey of the LGBT community in the United States. As part of this, respondents were asked to describe their “coming out” experience as an open end response. We wanted to provide these responses, but also noted that they became more meaningful when understanding […]


Teens on Social Media

The Pew Research Center Internet Project did a survey of teens who use social media to explore how well they understood privacy. For an interactive, we wanted to challenge parents to see if they knew what their children were sharing online. Yet we also knew that non-parents would want to use this interactive, so it […]


Top Priorities

Each year the Pew Research Center for People and the Press surveys the public on their top priorities for government in the coming year. Displaying the trend of these priorities shows the shifting attention of the public over time. More interesting is comparing these priorities over demographic breaks.