Daddies logo

Last spring I was nominated to be captain of my Congressional league softball team. Little did the team know I was just excited to work on the jersey.

The majority of the team had some association with the Pew Charitable Trusts or the Pew Research Center. For years the team had been named “Pew’s Your Daddy,” a pun with slightly less taste than which the Center usually affords. Without getting into the weeds, in 2014 we were rebranding as simply “The Daddies.”

To convey this, I thought of applying a more vintage look to the logos – classic softball icons, maybe block lettering. The other side of the spectrum was to play off the beards of the team and the old men mentality that many were embracing.

daddies_logo_finalBut in the end, the team appreciated a little more symbolism and pop culture. A Darth – the original father. I can’t take credit for the Darth icon; I found it via Google. But it made folks happy.