Reinvent Influence Website

Every proper conference needs a microsite, and FiscalNote’s first user conference is no different. Logos and layout were put together by our designer, but I did this WordPress theme basically from scratch, using the Underscores starter theme. The website has completely changed now that I left the company and is hosted by a third-party. But […]


Project deprecated — Over the summer of 2016, I led six interns to produce a new data journalism blog focused on politics. We developed some great features and processes, but ultimately the project ended with the summer. Several months later, after I left the company, the website was unceremoniously shut down. A few projects live […]


Inspired by websites like Marketwatch, I pitched a hackathon project that would bring the current status and projection of bills into news articles. The tool leveraged the FiscalNote API and inserted text into a paragraph giving the status; on mouseover more rich information would appear. The project nearly made it into production, but was abandoned […]

FiscalNote refresh

Update – I did a full redesign in late 2015. But after leaving FiscalNote in Dec. 2016, the site went through another redesign. It’s no longer my own handywork. This week I started a new position at FiscalNote, a startup in DC. My first charge was devote some attention to the corporate website. FiscalNote is […]