LGBT Voices

In June 2013, the Pew Research Center released the first in depth survey of the LGBT community in the United States. As part of this, respondents were asked to describe their “coming out” experience as an open end response. We wanted to provide these responses, but also noted that they became more meaningful when understanding […]

Teens on Social Media

The Pew Research Center Internet Project did a survey of teens who use social media to explore how well they understood privacy. For an interactive, we wanted to challenge parents to see if they knew what their children were sharing online. Yet we also knew that non-parents would want to use this interactive, so it […]

Top Priorities

Each year the Pew Research Center for People and the Press surveys the public on their top priorities for government in the coming year. Displaying the trend of these priorities shows the shifting attention of the public over time. More interesting is comparing these priorities over demographic breaks.


Design wasn’t my top priority when developing SimpleElection; instead I wanted to quickly test a premise that news outlets would be interested in using election-related widgets. On election night, I updated an electoral college map for the presidential election and a counter marking the balance of Congress. I launched only a week prior to the […] (2012)

This site’s predecessor was born out of indecision. At that point in my life I wore many hats, and thus was qualified for many positions. Rather than limiting my options, I built a portfolio that would display the relevant information for hiring manager looking at my site. I received many compliments over the years about […]