ONA18 Conference

I started working full-time at ONA in December of 2016, but the nature of my work has makes it difficult to post many project updates here. Much of it is technical and behind the scenes or small and not worth posting. The ONA18 conference posed the first big project update for me to share. I’ll […]

Online Journalism Awards

In the summer of 2017 I oversaw the first branding of the Online Journalism Awards, a project with the goal of giving the awards their own solid identity beyond that of the parent organization. In addition to the branding project, I launched the first standalone website for the 17-year-old program with the ambitious goal of […]

Industry representation in Congress

When an intern over the summer suggested that he could analyze Bureau of Labor Statistics data by Congressional district, we got excited about industry insights as a percentage of the workforce. In this interactive project, users can go through each of the top-level industry segments to see their geographic distribution and also which members of […]

Reinvent Influence Website

Every proper conference needs a microsite, and FiscalNote’s first user conference is no different. Logos and layout were put together by our designer, but I did this WordPress theme basically from scratch, using the Underscores starter theme. The website has completely changed now that I left the company and is hosted by a third-party. But […]


Project deprecated — Over the summer of 2016, I led six interns to produce a new data journalism blog focused on politics. We developed some great features and processes, but ultimately the project ended with the summer. Several months later, after I left the company, the website was unceremoniously shut down. A few projects live […]


Inspired by websites like Marketwatch, I pitched a hackathon project that would bring the current status and projection of bills into news articles. The tool leveraged the FiscalNote API and inserted text into a paragraph giving the status; on mouseover more rich information would appear. The project nearly made it into production, but was abandoned […]

Map: State legislature control

As an experiment in mapping, I found Census shape files for the upper and lower legislative boundaries in all 50 states and combined them into one U.S. map. Then, using FiscalNote data, I was able to plot the representative of each district according to their party. Several states had datasets that required some finesse. Most […]

Web technology assessment: Newspapers vs SaaS

While doing an assessment of FiscalNote’s web technology needs, I discovered a company called BuiltWith, which gathers data on website technology – basically exactly what I needed. The site monitors the internet’s top 2 million websites weekly. For the approximately 250 million websites they track, each is refreshed at minimum once a quarter. They were […]

Daddies logo

Last spring I was nominated to be captain of my Congressional league softball team. Little did the team know I was just excited to work on the jersey. The majority of the team had some association with the Pew Charitable Trusts or the Pew Research Center. For years the team had been named “Pew’s Your […]

FiscalNote refresh

Update – I did a full redesign in late 2015. But after leaving FiscalNote in Dec. 2016, the site went through another redesign. It’s no longer my own handywork. This week I started a new position at FiscalNote, a startup in DC. My first charge was devote some attention to the corporate website. FiscalNote is […]