About Adam

From journalism to nonprofit technology


Finding a true passion

My journey to the nonprofit work took me through media organizations and an early-stage startup, but the one trait they all shared was a mission-driven culture that I discovered was so important to me.

Helping organizations achieve their lofty, culture-changing goals is a strong motivator in my work. I’ve seen the impact that new technology tools and workflows can have on a team—the culture, the productivity and the quality of work. My hope here is to share some of my knowledge and experience in order to help others.


Looking to connect

Web development has been a passion of mine for years, but I continue to work on refining my non-work related passions. I’m originally from the Chicago area and remain a fan of the White Sox and deep dish pizza. I track new beers I try on the Untappd app, and I’ve successfully made a few small batch home brews. I dream of getting into woodworking and mastering my charcoal grill. On my honeymoon, I was assaulted by a monkey.