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The best themes come with style guides. They clarify the available options and … guide… the style… of the site. I suppose it is rather straightforward.

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Wrap a <p> tag and a <cite> tag in a <blockquote> and you get this:

The XYZ Doohickey Company was founded in 1971, and has been providing quality doohickeys to the public ever since. Located in Gotham City, XYZ employs over 2,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the Gotham community.

Darth Vader

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Here's a caption.
Here’s a caption.
Lucas ipsum dolor sit amet darth biggs c-3po jawa jango ben bothan bothan endor dagobah. Wookiee utapau gonk binks jango kashyyyk organa gamorrean mace. Ackbar jinn anakin antilles tusken raider organa. Antilles organa antilles antilles organa c-3p0 fett kenobi solo. Utapau wedge mace sebulba boba. Obi-wan ahsoka dagobah chewbacca darth. Jango jar yavin luke kit antilles. Palpatine jango padmé yoda wedge gonk binks greedo bothan. Tatooine yoda antilles binks darth yoda padmé mara cade. Organa skywalker lando organa sebulba.

Here's a caption.
Here’s a caption.
Antilles organa fett mustafar sebulba solo twi’lek. Moff dagobah hutt windu organa gonk. Secura darth kessel ewok. Mon luuke maul fett leia tusken raider. Ben vader grievous moff. C-3p0 darth thrawn skywalker kenobi moff yavin thrawn. Kit endor qui-gon jinn skywalker. Jabba bothan boba qui-gon kenobi kessel anakin solo tatooine. Jawa maul leia mustafar cade vader wampa greedo calrissian. Antilles solo tatooine ewok maul. Alderaan qui-gon wedge windu ewok. Han hutt jinn darth darth ackbar qui-gon obi-wan palpatine.

Yoda organa luke solo mustafar leia c-3p0 lars. Tatooine naboo han gamorrean owen ben palpatine antilles. Jawa moff antilles moff yavin antilles. Dantooine hutt skywalker maul. Bespin palpatine antilles kenobi dantooine organa hutt endor antilles. Dooku solo darth leia. Kessel calrissian darth wookiee naboo anakin darth mara dooku. Hutt calrissian wedge skywalker mandalorians. Boba dagobah coruscant dagobah obi-wan darth lars organa organa. Hutt darth fett r2-d2 mon. Darth darth r2-d2 hutt fett.